Where can I get AVINOC token?

You can buy and sell the AVINOC token on P2PB2B, Latoken, Bkex, CoinTiger and Uniswap. For trading on Uniswap simply connect your MetaMask Wallet with the exchange and start swapping. In addition, you can act as liquidity provider and increase your profits. Please note that Uniswap is based on Ethereum Blockchain Technology and you will have to pay gas fees in ETH.

Can I trade my AVINOC token on other crypto exchange platforms?

At the moment you can buy and sell the AVINOC token on Uniswap, P2PB2B, Bkex, Latoken and CointTiger. Starting from 2022, you will be able to manage your AVINOC token through the ZENIQ app and smartchain as well.

Where are my AVINOC token?

If you have already bought AVINOC token or received them at the airdrop, they should be in your private wallet. We do not have any access to this wallet. All token distributed at the airdrop were sent to the individual private wallet adresses.

What is AVINOC?

AVINOC´s focusses its business on digitalization, aviation and blockchain and is working on improving and modernizing the business aviation industry. AVINOC is currently developing the first digital market place in BizAv based on blockchain technology. The project is called VOO. Want to learn more about the project? 

Go to VOO: https://voo.aero

What is VOO?

AVINOC is developing VOO – the first digital market place based on blockchain technology. A revolutionary software to search, book, manage and pay for your private jet flights directly. VOO is being developed in Europe and will be launched in June 2022. Want to know more about the project and its progress? Visit VOO.aero

Who is behind AVINOC?

Avinoc is a team of specialists from all relevant fields: aviation, financial management, blockchain and software development. Our dedicated European development team is working on realizing our vision to revolutionize BizAv. Take a look behind the scenes here.

What´s this partnership with ZENIQ?

AVINOC is the first real project which will be available on the ZENIQ smartchain. Through ZENIQ you can buy and stake your AVINOC token. Already bought AVINOC token through ETH blockchain can be traded on Uniswap. Need more information about ZENIQ?

Go to: https://zeniq.com/