AVINOC is a tokenization company dedicated to integrating new technologies in aviation. It’s driving change and transformation throughout the entire industry. The innovative tokenization services and projects led by AVINOC are designed to connect the legacy system and the crypto-economy into a single functional, transparent and highly secure ecosystem.


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AVINOC’s mission

AVINOC is a company dedicated to the integration of new technologies in aviation, leading to operational changes, creating more efficient processes and thereby generating positive changes in business aviation and subsequently in the entire aviation industry.

AVINOC realizes its vision through blockchain technology and through tokenization using company’s own ERC-20 token – the AVINOC Token.


Avinoc Projects

The power of the AVINOC Token

The AVINOC token is more than just an ordinary utility token. Everyone who invests in it is not only investing in an innovative company, but rather in the idea of revolutionizing the whole existing aviation market. By purchasing the AVINOC token, investors are not only buying a pure financial product, but also a means of exchange and payment.

Once implemented in the VOO Marketplace, the AVINOC token can be used both as an investment asset and as a means of payment. Through VOOmiles, brokers and operators receive AVINOC tokens as part of a loyalty program and with these tokens they can pay for flights, among other things. In the future, this token can be used not only to pay for flights, but also for all other services in the aviation industry – fuel service, ticketing and many more.

The possibilities are as grand as the industry itself!

AVINOC’s Social Responsibility

AVINOC is the kind of company that wants to revolutionize the industry while improving it in a sustainable way. AVINOC is committed to operate and manage according to ESG guidelines — Environmental, Social and corporate Governance — a framework designed to evaluate the extent to which a company works towards achieving goals that benefit the whole world as a global community, not just maximize shareholder profits.

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Company roadmap

Launch VOO

In June 2022 Avinoc launched its very first real project – VOO. The worlds first digital marketplace to search, book, pay and manage your private jet charter flights on just one page.

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Listing Latoken, Uniswap and other exchanges

In Q4 2021, Avinoc was added to Uniswap’s liquidity pool where it can be swapped and traded. In early 2022, Avinoc was relisted on Latoken and listed on other exchanges such as P2PB2B, Bkex and Cointiger. The market capitalization was around USD 200 million in February 2022.


Project start VOO

In March 2020, all ideas and visions from the 2018 white paper were analyzed and reviewed again. Avinoc’s first real project – the VOO marketplace – was launched. A European development team has taken on the task of bringing the revolutionary marketplace to life. The first lines of code were written – the starting signal for a revolution in business aviation.